Nominations to Open For One Of Australia’s Greatest Horse Events

Tomorrow marks the opening of competitor nominations for one of Australia’s greatest horse events, the Cloncurry Stockman’s Challenge and Campdraft.

Returning to the Outback township of Cloncurry for 5 big days of competition and entertainment from July 10 to 14, upwards of 250 competitors are expected to enter equating to in excess of 1,200 first round runs across the many different events.

Hosted from the purpose-built Cloncurry Equestrian Centre and spanning a long proud history commencing in 1984 the event has grown from strength to strength over the years; today attracting world-class competitors, young up and coming performance horses and stock from far and wide.

Incorporating a number of campdraft disciplines; a sport and past time extremely popular with men, women and children of all ages the 2019 event will “uphold and adhere to the sports proud history” said Stockman’s Challenge Committee President Cheyne Williams.

“The sport of campdrafting is believed to have begun in rural Queensland in the early days of the Australian stockman.

“When drovers needed to select individual cattle from a mob the stockman would "cut out" or separate the beast through the skills of the horse and rider to block its attempts to follow its natural instincts of returning to the mob.

“Over time, stockmen developed competitions based around this activity, evolving into the uniquely Australian sport as we know it today” he said.

With points scored by horse and rider for cut out, horse work and course completion the prestige associated with a win in an event such as the Stockman’s Challenge is invaluable to the owner of the horse with fine stock horse rankings applicable across the country.

With full program details including schedule, events, nomination details and working patterns and detailed rules and regulations available now from interested competitors are urged to set their alarms for an 8am opening of nominations at